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“Business Sustainability Made Easy”


Have you ever tried to read the “fine print” or attempted to interpret unique and purposefully initiated “jargon!”  In many cases, the intention of these “assaults” on your understanding is either deceit, confusion or monetarily and even commission driven.

Dispensing information is never intended for long term memory.  Even long term knowledge has a remarkable rate of diminishment.  Only understanding will stay with you for a lifetime!  Everyone knows what insurance was purchased “at the time of the sale” or what investment was made “at the time of the discussion”, but ask the recipient as little as an hour later and the response will be general or even incomplete at best!

It’s not your fault you live in a complex world.  At any given moment, you will need an Investment Advisor, Tax Preparer, Attorney for almost everything!, Banker, Realtor, Salesman of all walks of life, Public Servants (police, fire, and I dare say politicians! Which I believe is an irony to its definition), and many more; all of whom may talk to you, but none of these advisors will talk to each other on your behalf!   Now that I have you thinking, I’m sure you will easily add to this list.

Unfortunately, we live in the natural world of predator/prey.  Yes, sometimes you may be the predator regarding your individual expertise, but more often we are all pray to the expertise of others.  How do you know you are “prey”?  Have you ever asked and insurance agent “what do I need?”  You are now the “prey!”  Instead, do your homework (with other knowledgeable professionals – easily and accessible through I.S.I.) who work for you (and not just a commission; like the insurance agent!) We will help you ask the questions “I need this”, and more importantly you will understand why.  You are now in charge and no longer the prey, or victim!  The priorities between your wants and needs can destroy your life if the wrong decisions are made.  With I.S.I. we know the difference and know how you can have both in the proper sequence without predators focusing on your “emotional” wants just to make the sale.

International Business Protection Services, we work for you using a proven formula:

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I – using Innovation

S – to obtain Solutions

I – with Integrity