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For your home or your business TaxFlex has the experience to put your mind at ease.



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IRS & State Tax Solutions


IRS & State Tax Solutions

Business D.B.A. Organization (for incorporation services click here: INCORPORATION)

Part of protecting your business and/or you as an individual means making sure your books are in order.  It means that you need to not only maintain records, but organize them and record them, then utilize that information for tax purposes.  TaxFlex can do this for you, eliminating hours of work for you or your employees and allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you:  Your business!

Don’t think TaxFlex is just for businesses; individuals often need this service too!  We can maintain your accounts, balance your books, file your taxes, process payroll, and even investigate an issue that already exists.

International Business Protection Services knows the value of a good Accountant and uses TaxFlex and their knowledge and experience to protect our business and you should too! We have established a close working relationship with TaxFlex.  It’s just another way that International Business Protection Services works to protect you and your business.

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