From Wall Street to Main Street;

International Services is here to help


International Business Protection Services, is exactly what the name implies; a service company that works with companies both in the United States and abroad.

International Business Protection Services,  is known to most as I.S.I. : Innovations – Solutions – Integrity.  I.S.I is a business consulting company, not to be confused with a financial consultant, who handles estate planning, family trusts, stocks, etc.

I.S.I works with companies and individuals facing financial problems.  Some such services include starting or closing a business, tax problems (IRS/state), contemplating bankruptcy, credit card debt, and property foreclosure.

There are no hidden costs or gimmicks.  When I.S.I becomes your consultant, you become the employer.  Therefore, I.S.I only benefits when you do.  If you do not profit or benefit from I.S.I, there are no fees and you will retain all information collected on your behalf free of charge.

I.S.I is an innovated company with many other outside professionals ready and willing to assist with your situation.  I.S.I realizes that financial problems do not begin with big money.  Instead, they begin with putting food on the table and gas in the car.   If you have a financial problem that feels too complicated to explain, contact I.S.I anyway.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  Call 518-853-1100

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