Water Pro is a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system. Water Pro is a four to five pre-filtering water cleaning system used for the purpose of creating safe drinking water.

The two large vertical pre-filters begin the process. The first pre-filter removes sediments, rust and other solid debris

The second carbon pre-filter removes chlorine, odor and protects the Reverse Osmosis membrane, which removes dissolved metals and salts plus other harmful contaminants.

The Reverse Osmosis storage tank holds the high quality water until needed. The water will then pass through the final pre-filter which removes odors and organic chemicals.

The fifth step if needed, is an in line carbon calcite water filter which raises the Ph. of your water.  This cartridge is optional.

$250.00 Includes Taxes and Filters
$350.00 Installed with a three month warranty for parts and labor, within a 25 mile radius of zip. 12095