ID-10022054International Business Protection Services provides select services to various companies both in the United States and abroad. Our staff members have years of experience in international trade. We also have an international attorney on retainer who is versed in the law of international trade and immigration. At InfactoBiz we specialize in assisting those who wish to expand their business into the USA.

Some of the advantages of working with International Services are:


Please be advised that (OCB) means we will work on commission bases if necessary.

The following will give you a better understanding of our functions. 

  • Import and export for clients (OCB) excluding freight.
  • Buy and see products for clients. (OCB)
  • Assist in negotiating contracts and agreements. (OCB)
  • Assist in negotiations contracts and agreements under international law.
  • Inspections of products before shipping.
  • Assisting in business plans and marketing for clients who want to do business in the USA.
  • Provide warehousing and office space for clients who wish to do business in the USA. (OCB)
  • Consulting in debt collection, financing and investments, such as products and property.
  • Provide housing for company sales representatives or staff members for the purpose of selling their goods.
  • Help to obtain work visas for company representatives in the effort of marketing products.
  • Assist in complying with all regulation of government and state laws.  Our legal department can assist in most areas of law in the USA legal system.
  • Assistance in business plans and marketing
  • We provide warehousing and office space
  • We provide housing for company sales representatives or staff members with the intention of selling their goods
  • We help to obtain work visas


These are a few of the advantages of doing business with with International Services, Inc.  If we can be of service to you, please contact us at your convenience.

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